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The RF5B Sperber (Sparrow) is a Sportavia-Pützer redesign of the RF5. Having a longer wing and lower turtle deck. Many have been re engine with Limbach 2000, Revmaster 2100D, Rotax 912 and Sauer engines. My first Motorglider flight was in a RF5B (N55JH) 1974.

There are 10 RF5B registered in the US and no RF5.


Wing Span 55ft 10in (17.02m)
Empty Weight 1,014lb (460kg)
Gross Weight 1,499lb (680kg)
Max Cruise Speed 118mph (190km/h)
Economy Cruise (75mph) (120km/h)
Stall Speed 42.5mph (68km/h)
Service Ceiling 18,050ft (5,500m)
Engine 68hp Limbach SL 1700 E
L/D at 61mph 26:1

First Flight May 1971

n55jh, fournier motorglider, sportavia fournier rf5-b_n99814.jpg n55sm.jpg redrf5b.jpg
N55JH #51056 crashed January 17 1976. Picture at Sky Castle. Del Sur, California
RF5B #51062 Picture taken when new
Burt Buytendyk #51053 Picture taken when new
was N211DT now F-OGEK
#5037 (exported 1999)
rf5_02.jpg rf5b.jpg rf5b_lake_elsinore.jpg  
RF5B N55JH Henderson, Nevada
N55JH at Lake Elsinore California mid '70s
N55SM #51053
Sportavia RF5-B rf5b-6.jpg sportavia fournier rf5  
N55GS #51031
N99814 # 51062
#51044 Exported to Australia 11/07
Long Beach, California
gene_evans.jpg rf5b-2.jpg rf5b_revmaster4.jpg
N55JH and 4 RF4Ds N41JL, N7725, N2188, N7723
charlie gyenes, webber, john bukner  
Actor Gene Evans looking at a RF5B
RF5B 75hp Turbo Revmaster 2100D (was N99887 this is the RF5B Jack Lambie flew to Paraguay)
Turbocharged 75hp Revmaster R-2100D
Mike Bittner,Mark Lambie, John Buckner, Charlie Webber, Charlie Gyenes, Maurie Gyenes, Picture at Sky (Shea's) Castle. Antelope Valley , California, Janurary 76 (N55JH Crashed one week later)
rf5-b Sportavia-Pützer RF5B Sportavia-Putzer  
James Bavendam Mercer Island, WA #51060
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