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The RF5 is a two place light aircraft/motorglider. Has a folding wings to fit in std size T-hangers. Also is aerobatic.

Many RF5 and RF5Bs have been re engined with Limbach 2000, Revmaster 2100D, Rotax 912 and Sauer engines.


Wing Span 45ft 1in (13.74m)
Empty Weight 925lb (420kg)
Gross Weight 1.433lb (650kg)
Max Cruise Speed 115mph (185km/h)
Economy Cruise (75mph) (120km/h)
Stall Speed 45.5mph (73km/h)
Service Ceiling 16,400ft (5,000m)
Engine 68hp Limbach SL 1700 E (prototype flew with Rectimo 1600)
Propeller Hoffman Fix Pitch
L/D 22:1

First Flight January 1968

The RF5B Sperber (Sparrow) is a Sportavia-Pützer redesign of the RF5. Having a longer wing and lower turtle deck.


Wing Span 55ft 10in (17.02m)
Empty Weight 1,014lb (460kg)
Gross Weight 1,499lb (680kg)
Max Cruise Speed 118mph (190km/h)
Economy Cruise (75mph) (120km/h)
Stall Speed 42.5mph (68km/h)
Service Ceiling 18,050ft (5,500m)
Engine 68hp Limbach SL 1700 E (1 prototype with 2 cyl 65hp Franklin)
L/D at 61mph 26:1

First Flight May 1971



Sportavia RF5B

Trevor Mills Sunshine Soaring
Australia (was N56BB)

RF5B 51007 (was D-KCIH).

Patrick CFI-Germany #5082

G-RFSB #51045 Photo Key Publishing Ltd 2004

Based in Artena near Rome , Italy

Prototype RF5B test flying with Franklin Engine (51001)

Soaring Magazine March 1972

RF5B and a S5

Vidar Olav Haugen from Norway #5113

#5005, Powered by a Sauer SS2100 H1S

#51009 was used by the Belgian Air Cadets

The second RF5B Sperber D-KHEL experimentally fitted with a 65hp two cylinder Franklin engine. I have noted on the back of the print: "Very noisy, lots of vibration".


RF5 #5001 Prototype with Rectimo 1600

Norway #5113
RF5 Decollo
RF5 I-RFOS #5026

Destroyed 2006

Prototype RF5B test flying with added rear ballast (51001)



Prototype RF5B (51001)

Cabrio Sperber #51021

Biggin Hill, UK was later lost in hanger fire in Kenley (Jim Smith Photo)

Sportavia-Putzer Postcard


(Compton Abbas, UK)

(Jim Smith Photo)

D-KENT and a S-5 early 1975
Sportavia factory, Hangelar, Germany

Fournier RF5

based at Seighford, UK


Unterwoessen, Bavaria / Germany

Fournier RF5 #5044

s/n 5056,Stefano Gambaro,
Franco Manini and
Sandro Morghen

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