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Less than 10 years after defecting (via borrowing a CSA Airline DC-3) from Czechoslovakia to Germany. Mira moved to the US. He flew crop dusters, Then raced unlimited hydroplane boats for Bill Boeing Jr. (Boeing Aircraft). And in 1964 winning the Reno air races in Bill Stead's Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat. Mira was a 747 Captain for Continental Airlines. At 82 Mira still was delivering airplanes over great distances. Mira passed at 84 June 16 2014.


N1700 Mira flew from Germany to Santa Paula, California. May 7, 1968. Mira also had flew this RF4D across the Atlantic starting from the U.S.A. May 1969. Mira won 1,000 pounds from the Daily Mail.The race was for the 50th anniversary of Alcock and Brown's crossing. They offered the prize for an aircraft under 5,000 lbs. (2,268 kg.)

George Uveges Photograph

L 39 refueling in Iceland 1985

Museum of Flight Seattle, WA

London 1969

Glenn Miller Photograph

Florida 2005

Letov LF-107 Lunák

Mr. Chauvreau, Mr. Fournier & Mr. Slovak

Glenn Miller Photograph

Mira Slovak John Hamlin
Just flown the Atlantic. Biggin Hill Air Fair 1969 John Hamlin

Reno air race Mira Slovak

Glenn Miller Photograph

Glenn Miller Photograph

From the back cover of Sport Aviation August 1966

Grand Format - Voyage Mira Slovak 2007 Magazine Artcle

Glenn Miller Photograph

St. Louis August 1969

(Now N41JL)

P-38 Lightning/44-53186, Mira pick up for Bill Harrah (Harrah Hotels)
Mira Slovak

Mira's 2nd Lunak. Owned and restored by Pete Buck

Letov LF-107 Lunák

Soaring Magazine February '75

Mira and President Eisenhower

Mira at Reno 1964

One of many RF4s Mira had owned. This was also owned by Richard Bach

Everett, Washington

Le Bourget 6/6/69